Past Shows

Since 1927 the Hobart Repertory Theatre Society has been entertaining Hobart’s theatre-goers with a staggering number and variety of shows, listed below.

Year Show Title Author Director / Producer
From February,1927 until September 1938 all productions were performed at the Theatre Royal, Hobart (Unless otherwise Noted)
1927 Of Mice and Men M.L. Ryley Olive Wilton
1927 Loyalties John Galsworthy Olive Wilton
1927 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw Olive Wilton
1927 A Bill of Divorcement Clemence Dane Olive Wilton
(Performed at the Prince of Wales Theatre)
1928 An Enemy of the People H. Ibsen Olive Wilton
1928 Major Barbara George Bernard Shaw Olive Wilton
1928 Four One Act Plays
The Black Horse Palmer Mrs J.B. Bridgen
Alison’s Lad Dix H.R. Dobbie
For the Love of a Woman Merrick W.E. Fuller
The Grand Cham’s Diamond Monkhouse Fred Brough
1928 The Dover Road A.A.Milne Olive Wilton
1929 Home and Beauty W. Somerset Maugham Fred Brough
1929 Mary Stuart and Cradle Song John Drinkwater Olive Wilton
1929 Cradle Song Gregorio Martinez Sierra Olive Wilton
1929 Mary Rose J.M.Barrie Olive Wilton
1929 The Skin Game John Galsworthy Olive Wilton
(Also Performed at the Academy Theatre, Launceston)
1930 The Man with a Load of Mischief Ashley Dukes Olive Wilton
1930 Mrs Moonlight Benn W. Levey Olive Wilton
1930 The Young Idea Noel Coward Olive Wilton
1930 Escape John Galsworthy Olive Wilton
1931 Her Shop A. And P. Stuart Olive Wilton
1931 The Romantic Young Lady Gregorio Martinez Sierra Olive Wilton
1931 Yellow Sands Adelaide and Eden Phillpotts Olive Wilton
1931 The Constant Nymph M. Kennedy and B. Dean Olive Wilton
1931 Three One Act Plays
A Night In an Inn Lord Dunsany K. W. Nicholson
Alexander’s Horse Maurice Baring Catherine Cullinane
Shall We Join The Ladies Sir James Barrie Olive Wilton
1932 Michael and Mary A. A. Milne Olive Wilton
1932 The Silver Box John Galsworthy Olive Wilton
1932 Murder on the Second Floor Frank Vosper Olive Wilton
(Performed at City Hall)
1932 The First Mrs Fraser St. John Ervine Olive Wilton
(Performed at City Hall)
1933 This Woman Business Ben Levy Fred Brough
1933 Nine till Six A. And P. Stuart Olive Wilton
1933 Juno and the Paycock Sean O’Casey Olive Wilton
1933 Sunshine Cruise, or Mr Faintheart Ian Hay Olive Wilton
1934 Children in Uniform Christina Winsloe Olive Wilton
1934 Five One Act Plays
The Old Bull Norman Lane
The Constant Lover John Storr
On Dartmoor Mrs Alan Burn
The Rehearsal
1934 The High Road Frederic Lonsdale Olive Wilton
1934 Five One Act Plays
The Apricot Tree Robert Montgomery
The Oak Settle Beryl Brett
Murder Premeditated W.E. Fuller
A Distant Relative Robert Hudspeth
Shivering Shocks Olive Burn
1934 The Farmer’s Wife Eden Phillpotts Olive Wilton
1934 Four One Act Plays
The Pardoner’s Tale Robert Hudspeth
Rosalind Joyce Foster
Symphony in Illusion Robert Montgomery
Lucretia Borgia’s Little Party Junee Cornell
1934 Ten Minute Alibi Anthony Armstrong Olive Wilton
1935 Four One Act Plays
A Villa for Sale Joyce Foster
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On Marcus Gibson
A Talk – The Theatre Harry Tighe
The Second Stool Olive Burn
Old Moore’s Almanac Beryl Brett
1935 The Immortal Lady Clifford Bax Olive Wilton
1935 The Distaff Side John Van Druten Olive Wilton
1935 The House Across the River Anne Brough
1935 Ariadne, or Business First Robert Montgomery
1935 A Kiss for Cinderella Sir James M. Barrie Olive Wilton
1935 Four One Act Plays
His Sainted Grandmother J.A.B. Forster
Trifles Miss Aella Giblin
D 14 R.B Richard
A Privy Council Mrs R.G. Brett
1935 Murder Premeditated Robert Montgomery
1935 Belinda Robert Montgomery
1935 The Roof John Galsworthy Olive Wilton
1936 Other Men’s Wives Walter Hackett K.W. Nicholson
1936 London Wall John Van Druten James Pratt
1936 Four One Act Plays
An Assyrian Afternoon Joyce Foster
The Illusionist Mrs T.H. Goddard
The Cloak Linus Donnelly
Weatherwise Robert Montgomery
1936 Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams Mrs T.H. Goddard
1936 Family Affairs Gertrude Jennings Mrs R.G. Brett
1936 Four One Act Plays
Elizabeth Refuses Junee Cornell
Elegant Edward Mrs N.P. Booth
Zero Hour R.B. Richard
Amazons on Broadway Robert Montgomery
1937 Whiteoaks Mazo de la Roche Olive Wilton
1937 No Greater Glory R. B. Richard Mrs R.G. Pratt
1937 Precious Bane Mary Webb and Edward Lewis James Pratt
1937 Five One Act Plays
The Rising of the Moon Mrs Alan Burn
Two Gentlemen of Soho Mrs Phillip Waterwo
The Comedy of a Man who Married a
Dumb Wife Robert Montgomery
Phipps Linus Donnelly
1937 Petticoat Fever Mark Reed Mrs T.H. Goddard
1937 Libel Edward Wooll K.W. Nicholson
1938 Rain on Our Lips R.B. Richard Mrs Alan Burn
1938 Lady Precious Stream S. I. Hsiung James Pratt
1938 Worse Things Happen at Sea Robert Montgomery
1938 Daybreak Catherine Shepherd Olive Wilton
1938 The Petrified Forest Robert E. Sherwood Mrs R.G. Brett
All Productions from this time were played at The Playhouse Theatre, which the society still maintains.
1938 The Taming of the Shrew William Shakespeare Olive Wilton
1939 Theatre Royal George Kaufman and Edna Ferber Olive Wilton
1939 Noah Linus Donnelly
1939 Call it a Day Robert Montgomery
1939 Street Scene James Pratt
1939 I have Been Here Before J.B. Priestley Mrs R.G. Brett
1939 The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse K.W Nicholson
1940 Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Olive Wilton
1940 You Can’t Take It With You George Kaufman James Pratt
1940 The Shining Hour Beryl Brett
1940 I Killed the Count Olive Burn
1940 Tony Draws a Horse James Pratt
1940 Tonight at 8.30 Jack Bushby
1940 The Black Eye Mrs T.H. Goddard
1941 Our Town Thornton Wilder James Pratt
1941 Dear Octopus Dodie Smith Olive Burn
1941 Quiet Wedding Beryl Brett
1941 Stage Door Donald Sharp
1941 1066 and all That Reginald Arkell Robert Montgomery
1941 Rebecca Daphne du Maurier K.W. Nicholson
1941 Thunder Rock Robert Ardrey Olive Wilton
1941 Peter Pan J.M.Barrie Clair Mitchell
1942 The Man Who Came To Dinner Robert Montgomery
1942 Heartbreak House Olive Burn
1942 The Corn is Green Emlyn Williams Linus Donnelly
1942 Noel Coward Revue Noel Coward Linus Donnelly
1943 Interval Linus Donnelly
1943 She Passed Through Lorraine Stanley Burberry
1943 In Town Tonight Linus Donnelly
1943 The Good Fairy Robert Montgomery
1943 Play Parade
In Waltz Time Joyce Eyre
Scenario Stanley Burberry
Adult Education Gwen Cox
Delphiniums Catherine Shepherd
The Open Window Phillip Waterworth
Two Gentlemen of Soho Phillip Waterworth
1943 The Importance Of Being Ernest Oscar Wilde J. Eyre/S. Burberry
1944 Starlight Parade Robert Montgomery
1944 Flare Path Terence Rattigan Olive Burn
1944 The Insect Play Stanley Burberry
1944 They Came To a City J.B. Priestley Laurier Lange
1944 Three One Act Plays
The Patchwork Quilt Junee Cornell
The Bear Pearl Burberry
From Misadventure Olive Burn
1945 While The Sun Shines Jack Bushby
1945 Dear Brutus J.M. Barrie Laurier Lange
1945 Three One Act Plays
1945 The Clue of The Lisping Man Keith Jarvis
1945 We Got Rhythm Joyce Eure
1945 Village Wooing Junee Cornell
1945 A House in the Square Olive Burn
1945 Bonnett Over the Windmill S. Burberry/S. Benn
1945 Three One Act Plays
‘Op O Me Thumb Claire Mitchell
Tapestry Wilfred Leighton
The Man in the Bowler Hat Mary Dechaineaux
1945 The School for Scandal R.B. Sheridan Laurier Lange
1945 Ballet & One Act Play Season
A Privy Council B.J. Brett
Leading Strings Shirley Bennison
A Night at an Inn Peter Crowcroft
Protee Ballet in One Act
1946 Lover’s Leap Stanley Burberry
1946 The Devil’s Disciple Laurier Lange
1946 The Skin of Our Teeth Thornton Wilder Robert Montgomery
1946 Toad of Toad Hall Mary Dechaineaux
1947 Arsenic and Old Lace Terence Crisp
1947 The Way of the World Stanley Burberry
1947 Jupiter Laughs Laurier Lange
1947 Othello William Shakespeare Warwick Armstrong
1947 No Time for Comedy Laurier Lange
1947 Tobias and the Angel James Bridie Olive Burn
1948 The Merry Wives of Windsor William Shakespeare Paul Hill
1948 The Chinese Nightingale Paul Hill
1948 Poor Dear Emily R.B. Richard
1948 Music at Night John Moore
1948 Quiet Weekend Olive Burn
1948 The Gleam R.B. Richard
1949 Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare Paul Hill
1949 Murder on the Nile Agatha Christie Stanley Burberry
1949 The Winslow Boy Terence Rattigan Olive Burn
1949 Comedienne Douglas Caddy
1949 Love in Idleness H. Hickman & D. Cli
1949 The Doctor’s Dilemma Bertram Hicks
1950 Lo! The Modest Violet R.B. Richard
1950 Grand National Night Olive Burn
1950 The Druid’s Rest Emlyn Williams Joan Harrison
1950 Pride and Prejudice Helen Jerome (Austen) Geoffrey Goldsmith
1950 The Critic Frank D. Clelow
1951 The Chiltern Hundreds William Douglas-Home Ken Nicholson
1951 The Circle W Somerset Maugham Roy Richard
1951 The Light of Heart Emlyn Williams Olive Burn
1951 Winterset Frank D. Clelow
1951 Our Town Thornton Wilder Olive Burn
1951 The Blue Goose John Baldwin
1951 When We Are Married J.B.Priestley John Moore
1952 French Without Tears Terence Rattigan Roy Richard
1952 Duet for Two Hands Mary Hayley Bell Olive Burn
1952 This Happy Breed Noel Coward John Moore
1952 The Barretts of Wimpole Street John Tydde
1952 The Shop at Sly Corner John Baldwin
1952 Twelfth Night William Shakespeare Frank D. Clelow
1952 Beauty and the Beast David Cregan Fifi Banyard
1953 The Cure for Love Walter Greenwood John Moore
1953 Pink String and Sealing Wax Cecily McKinley
1953 Four One Act Plays
The Man Jane Hannay
Still Life James Ward
Machine Song Cecily McKinley
The Browning Version Terence Rattigan Clutha & Gil Ellis
1953 She Stoops to Conquer Oliver Goldsmith Olive Burn
1953 Family Album Noel Coward Claire & Hugh Dunca
1953 Home of the Brave Ken Gordon
1953 The Adding Machine John Moore
1953 Bonaventure Charlotte Hastings John Baldwin
1953 My Sister Eileen Joan Harrison
1954 Daybreak Catherine Shepherd Joan Hannay
1954 Lace on her Petticoat Geoffrey Goldsmiith
1954 Heaven and Charing Cross John Moore
1954 To Dorothy, a Son John Baldwin
1954 Harp in the South John Moore
1954 Androcles and the Lion George Bernard Shaw Olive Burn
1955 The Hollow Agatha Christie W Henty & R Richard
1955 The Lady’s Not for Burning Christopher Fry Cecily McKinley
1955 Three One Act Plays
Suicide Isn’t Murder James R. Ward
Happy Death Ltd. Essie Robertson
Dark Brown Tom Kernot
1955 The Burning Glass Charles Morgan John Moore
1955 Captain Carvallo Barbara Manning
1955 The Government Inspector Nikolai Gogol Joan Harrison
1955 1066 and All That Reginald Arkell Robert Montgomery
1956 Hobson’s Choice J.B. Priestley Roy Richard
1956 Flood Jane Hannay
1956 Some Day I’ll Find You Robert Montgomery
1956 A Question of Fact Cecily McKinley
1956 Trespass Emlyn Williams Wayth Henty
1956 The Moon is Blue John Moore
1957 As Long as They’re Happy Vernon Sylvaine R.B. Richard
1957 The Old Ladies Rodney Ackland John Baldwin
1957 Point of Departure Jean Anouilh Barbara Manning
1957 Time and the Conways J.B. Priestley John Moore
1957 Hay Fever Noel Coward Cecily McKinlay
1957 My Three Angels Sam&Bella Spewack Joan Harrison
1957 Mad About Men Peter Blackmore Francis Hallett
1958 Spooffnik Bill Fisher
1958 Treasure Hunt Olive Burns
1958 The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare Barbara Manning
1958 Tartuffe Moliere Win Newport
1958 Dark of the Moon Cecily McKinley
1958 Caine Mutiny Court Martial Herman Wouk John Tydde
1959 Sailor Beware Philip King&Falkland Ca Bernard Carr
1959 Murder Mistaken Ida Drabble
1959 Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller John Clark
1959 St Joan George Bernard Shaw Maurice Hilliard
1959 Ring Aound the Moon Jean Anouilh Cecily McKinley
1959 Someone Waiting Emlyn Williams Essie Robertson
1959 Hotel Paradiso G Feydeau&M Desvalliere Joan Harrison
1960 Birthday Honours Paul Jones Bernard Carr
1960 Present Laughter Noel Coward George Thomas
1960 Anastasia Marcelle Maurette Nick Conomy
1960 The Bad Seed Maxwell Anderson Pat Clements
1960 Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett Maurice Hilliard
1960 The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekov Claire Mitchell
1961 The Dream House Philip King & F L. Cary Bernard Carr
1961 The Rainmaker N. Richard Nash Cecily McKinley
1961 A Dead Secret Rodney Ackland John Moore
1961 Speaking of Murder Audrey & William Roos Geoffrey Goldsmith
1961 The Little Hut Andre Roussin Nicholas Conomy
1962 Pop Goes the Queen Dorothy Spring Megan Schaffner
1962 The Eagle Has Two Heads Jean Cocyeau John Tydde
1962 The Playboy of the Western World J.M. Synge Cecily McKinley
1962 The Seven Year Itch George Alexander John Moore
1962 Look Back in Anger John Osborne John Baldwin
1962 The Noble Spaniard W. Somerset Maugham Megan Schaffner
1963 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw Moffat Oxenbould
1963 The Diary Of Anne Frank F. Goodrich & A. Hacket Cecily McKinley
1963 Roots Arnold Wesker Barbara Manning
1963 Roar Like a Dove Robert Montgomery
1963 Visit to a Small Planet Barbara Warner
1963 Doctor in the House Ted Willis (Richard Gordon) Win Newport
1964 The Unexpected Guest Agatha Christie Joan Fraser
1964 Henry V William Shakespeare Barbara Manning
1964 Fool’s Paradise Peter Coke Bernard Carr
1964 Rape of the Belt Benn W. Levy Barbara Warner
1964 Simon and Laura Alan Melville Pat Alexander
1964 Take it Easy Win Newport
1965 Murder at the Vicarage Agatha Christie Win Newport
1965 Noah Andre Obey Elizabeth Collyer
1965 Mrs Bird Passed Over Pat Clements Win Newport
1965 Gaslight Patrick Hamilton Pat Alexander
1965 Private Lives Noel Coward Bernard Carr
1965 The One Day of the Year Alan Seymour John Moore
1966 Calamity Jane Win Newport
1966 The Gazebo Alec Coppel Paul Rubens
1966 Bell, Book and Candle Peggi Howarth
1966 Trumpet to the Wind Alan Frost John Tydde
1967 No, No, Nanette Win Newport
1967 The Importance of Being Ernest Oscar Wilde Elizabeth Collyer
1967 Too Soon for Daisies Bernard Carr
1967 A Taste of Honey Shelagh Delany Win Newport
1967 Free as Air D. Reynolds & J. Slade Win Newport
1968 The Boy Friend Sandy Wilson Win Newport
1968 The Royal Hunt of the Sun Peter Schaffer Tiv Gourlay
1968 Gigi Colette & Anita Loos Peggi Howarth
1968 Inherit the Wind Hugh McIndoe
1968 Busy Body Jack Popplewell Doreen McTye
1968 A Night of Elizabethan Poetry and Win Newport
1969 Grab Me a Gondola Julian More & James Gilbert Win Newport
1969 As You Like It William Shakespeare Elizabeth Collyer
1969 Chips with Everything Arnold Wesker Roger Hodgman
1969 A Man For All Seasons Robert Bolt Win Newport
1969 The Magic Isle Martin Bennett
1970 Half a Sixpence Beverley Cross & David Heneker Hugh McIndoe
1970 When We Were Happy John Whiting Roger Hodgman
1970 I’ll Get My Man Philip King Christopher Dawes
1970 Epitaph for George Dillon John Osborne John Moore
1970 The Spider’s Web Agatha Christie Doreen McTye
1971 Music Man Win Newport
1971 Towards Zero Agatha Christie Doreen McTye
1971 A Horse of a Different Colour Win Newport
1971 Three One Act Plays
Picnic on the Battlefield Dianne Drew
The Bells Martin Bennett
Barnstaple Doreen McTye
1971 Simple Spymen Win Newport
1971 Rumpelstiltskin Norman Robbins Doreen McTye
1972 Wait Until Dark Frederick Knott Don Gay
1972 Juno and the Paycock Sean O’Casey Nancy Caughley
1972 Pride and Prejudice Helen Jerome (Jane Austin) Doreen McTye
1972 Twefth Night William Shakespeare Launt Thompson
1972 She Stoops to Conquer Oliver Goldsmith Anne Knox
1972 The Emperor’s New Clothes T Thornton/D McTye
1973 Becket Jean Anouilh Barbara Warner
1973 Kiss Me Kate Nan Giblin
1973 Kiss Me Kate – Reprise (Oatlands) Nan Giblin
1973 A Severed Head Iris Murdoch Brian Hodgkinson
1973 An Evening of One Act Plays Doreen McTye
Happy Holiday
George’s Room
1973 You Never Can Tell Anne Knox
1973 Beauty and the Beast David Cregan Doreen McTye
1974 Not Now, Darling Nan Giblin
1974 Come Back, Little Sheba Don Gay
1974 The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley Doreen McTye
1974 Birds on the Wing Peter Yeldham Nan Giblin
1974 All My Sons Essie Robertson
1974 A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum Sondheim/ Shevelove/Gel Nell Dobson
1974 Cinderella Doreen McTye
1975 You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown Clark Gesner Tony Thornton
1975 Barefoot in the Park Neil Simon Don Gay
1975 Annie Get Your Gun Kevin Stanford
1975 Ten Little Niggers Agatha Christie David Rossiter
1975 This Happy Breed Noel Coward David Rossiter
1975 Old King Cole Doreen McTye
1976 Calamity Jane Tony Thornton
1976 The Happiest Days of your life John Dighton
1976 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward Bernard Pidd
1976 Ladies In Retirement
1976 Ambitions For Harmony Jan Beadle Fiona Dobson
1976 My Fair Lady Alan J Learner and Lowe
1976 Jack & The Beanstalk (panto)
1977 The Sentimental Bloke C.J.Dennis Nell Dobson
1977 Cabaret Fred Ebb & Kantor Di Drew
1977 Arsenic & Old Lace Joseph Kesselring
1977 Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Jay Presson Allan Bernard Pidd
1977 Pyjama Tops
1977 Three Little Pigs (panto)
1978 No No Nanette Kevin Stanford
1978 The Unexpected Guest Agatha Christie Barbara Button
1978 Cadenza Alec Coppell Doreen McTye
1978 The Hollow Agatha Christie Barbara Button
1978 Pink String & Sealing Wax Roland Pertwee Bernard Pidd
1978 Rumpelstiltskin
1979 Sorry Wrong Number
1979 The Matchmaker Thornton Wilder Sonia Johnson
1979 Love in a Mist Kenneth Horne Nell Dobson
1979 Stockade Bernard Pidd
1979 The Threepenny Opera Bert Brecht/ Kurt Weill
1979 Emperor’s New Clothes
1980 The Boyfriend Sandy Wilson Nell Dobson
1980 Death & All That Jazz Harold Brooke & Kay Bannerman Barbara Button
1980 And The Big Men Fly Alan Hopgood Fiona Bird
1980 Maria Martin Jo Clark-Wilson
1980 Cinderella
1981 Right Bed Wrong Husband Neill and Caroline Schaffner Lynne Luttrell
1981 Plaza Suite Neil Simon Bernard Pidd
1981 The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde
1981 Murder At The Vicarage Agatha Christie Barbara Button
1981 The Maids & After Margritte
1981 Simple Spyman
1982 The Man Who Came To Dinner Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman Lunne Luttrell
1982 Yerma Federico Garcia Lorca Bruce Cornelius
1982 Hay Fever Noel Coward Bruce Cornelius
1982 Witch Errant R. A. Dick Doreen McTye
1982 Hansel & Gretel
1983 Dick Whittington Jan Kuplis?
1983 Ladies Of Spirit Georgina Reid Lynne Luttrell
1983 Lock Up Your Daughters Lionel Bart Reg Byers
1983 Caroline Peter Pinne and Don Bat
1983 Shadow Box Michael Cristofer Bernard Pidd
1983 Play It Again Sam Woody Allen Chris Hall
1984 Little Bit ‘O Petticoat Peter Pinne and Ray Kolle Sonia Johnson
1984 Wanted One Body Raymond Dyer Lynne Luttrell
1984 The Good Doctor Neil Simon Christopher Hall
1984 Doctor In The House Ted Willis Reg Byers
1984 Stringer’s Last Stand Stan Barstow Arlene Richards
1984 The Birthday Party Harold Pinter Bernard Pidd
1984 Rainbow City
1985 The Floating World John Romeril Bernard Pidd
1985 The Anniversary Bill MacIlwraith Barbara Button
1985 Running Riot Derek Benfield Reg Byers
1985 Boeing Boeing Marc Camoletti Arlene Richards
1985 Death Trap Ira Levin Christopher Hall
1985 Old King Cole (panto) Mark Ollington/van Tass Doreen McTye
1986 The Dream Chasers Rosalie French/Eliz All Reg Byers
1986 Dear Delinquent Jack Popplewell Lyn Luttrell
1986 Arms and the Man George Bernard Shaw Bernard Pidd
1986 Amadeus Peter Shaffer Christopher Hall
1986 Jack and the Beanstalk Jan Kuplis/Rosemary
1987 Last of the Red Hot Lovers Neil Simon Nell Dobson
1987 Cinderella (adult version) Charles Perrault Arlene Richards
1987 The Servant of Two Masters Carlo Goldoni Don Gay
1987 A Murder Is Announced Agatha Christie Barbara Button
1987 Red Riding and the Hoods Jan Kuplis Jan Kuplis/Rosemary
1988 Caroline Peter Pinne and Don Bat Sonia Johnson
1988 The One Day of the Year Alan Seymour Reg Byers
1988 Summer of the 17th Doll Ray Lawler Bernard Pidd
1988 From The Fourteenth Floor You Can See The Bridge Barbara Stellmach Doreen McTye
1988 On Our Selection Steele Rudd Fiona Bird
1988 The Shifting Heart Richard Beynon Christopher Hall
1988 Hansel and Gretel Doreen McTye Bernard Pidd
1989 Summer Season Of One Act Plays
1989 Aladdin (adult version) Robert Marlowe Arlene Richard
1989 The Seven Year Itch George Axelrod Barbara Button
1989 A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams Christopher Hall
1989 No time for Figleaves Dunc Greenwood/Rob King Reg Byers
1989 The Public Eye, The Private Ear Peter Schaffer Christopher Hall and Barbara Button
1989 Sleeping Beauty (panto) Orpin/Button/Mctye/Butt Barbara Button
1990 Rubber Stamp John Davidson and Cast John Davidson
1990 Pass The Butler Eric Idle David Walch
1990 Dear Charles Alan Melville Jan Kuplis
1990 The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde Bernard Pidd
1990 Guys and Dolls Runyon/Loesser Pat Harrison
1990 Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn Judith Shaw
1990 Pied Piper of Hamelin Ian McQueen et al Barbara Button
1991 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Tennessee Williams Barbara Warner
1991 The Dresser Ronald Harwood Peter Orpin
1991 Festival of One Act Plays
1991 Murder On The Nile Agatha Christie Christopher Hall
1991 Fiddler On The Roof Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harn Judith Shaw
1991 A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum Sondheim/ Shevelove/Gel Nell Dobson
1991 Santa Meets Ned Kelly Ian McQueen Bernard Pidd
1992 A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg Peter Nicholls Peter Orpin
1992 Fiddler On The Roof (reprise) Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harn Judith Shaw
1992 Outside Edge Richard Harris Arlene Richards
1992 On Golden Pond Ernest Thompson Pam Nordstrom
1992 Dover Road A. A. Milne Bernard Pidd
1992 The Emperor’s New Clothes (panto) Ian McQueen Barbara Button
1992 The Really Big Christmas Show Sonia Johnson/Chris
1993 My Fat Friend Charles Laurence Sonia Johnson/Nell
1993 House of Frankenstein Martin Downing Reg Byers
1993 The Unexpected Guest Agatha Christie Christopher Hall
1993 Confusions Alan Ayckbourne John Davidson
1993 Puss In Boots Annie Quarmby Bernard Pidd
1994 Noises Off Michael Frayn Christopher Hall
1994 Cabaret Kandor and Ebb Robert Jarman
1994 The Odd Couple (female) Neil Simon Graham Corry
1994 Hay Fever Noel Coward Bernard Pidd
1994 Three Chekov One Act Comedies
The Bear
The Proposal
1994 Beauty & The Beast Ian McQueen Reg Byers
1995 And Then There Were None Agatha Christie Richard Kowaluk
1995 The Mysterious Case Of The Blood Red Rose Warwick Hadfield Paul McIntyre
1995 The Final Dress Lynette Dean Lynette Dean
1995 Sleuth Anthony Shaffer Christopher Hall
1995 A Month Of Sundays Bob Larbey Peter Orpin
1995 The First Sign Lynette Dean Lynette Dean
1995 Reconciliation Daryl Peebles Ingrid Ganley
1995 Chess Anderson, Ulvaeus & Rice John Davidson
1995 The Princess & The Pea Annie Quarmby Bernard Pidd
1996 Beach, Blanket, Tempest Dennis Watkins Robert Jarman
1996 Bullshot Crummond Shearman, White & House Betty Davidson
1996 Our Town Thornton Wilder Bernard Pidd
1996 Time and Time Again Alan Ayckbourn Daryl Peebles
1996 Man Trap Paul Reakes Elizabeth Lewinski
1996 Daddy’s Gone A Hunting H Connolly Simon Chu
1996 Goldilocks & The Three Bears Helen Cronin & Jenni Pyefinch Helen Cronin
1997 Educating Rita Willie Russell Peter Orpin
1997 The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekov Robert Jarman
1997 When We Are Married J. B. Priestley Arlene Richards
1997 Sweet Bird Of Youth Tennessee Williams Christopher Hall
1997 Da Hugh Lennard Graham Corry
1997 Godspell Tebelak & Schwartz Robert Jarman
1997 Pied Piper of Hamelin Ian Williams
1998 How The Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn Graham Corry
1998 No Sex Please We’re British Anthony Marriot/Alastai Bernard Pidd
1998 Witness For The Prosecution Agatha Christie Richard Kowaluk
1998 The Importance Of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde Robert Jarman
1998 Loot Joe Orton David Walch
1998 The Frog Prince H Cronin/Jenni Pyefinch Helen Cronin/J Pyefinch
1999 A Man For All Seasons Robert Bolt Graham Corry
1999 Don’s Party David Williamson Petr Divis
1999 Dinkum Assorted Linda Aronson Robert Jarman
1999 Same Time, Next Year Bernard Slade David Walch
1999 West Side Story Steven Sondheim Judith Shaw
1999 Cinderella I Williams/G Payne I Williams/G Payne
2000 Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn Daryl Peebles
2000 Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams Graham Corry
2000 Festival of One Act Plays
Tell Me on a Sunday Andrew Lloyd Webber Lynn Dean
Confusion Joanna Golding Joanna Golding
Stones in my Passway Tom Holloway Tom Holloway
The Visitors from London Neil Simon Leiz and Allan
2000 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward Peter Miller
2000 What The Butler Saw Joe Orton David Walch
2000 Dial M For Murder Frederick Knott Ingrid Ganley
2001 Cosi Louis Nowra Petr Divis
2001 HAIR James Rado and Galt MacDermot Patricia Kempa
2001 Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller Christopher Hall
2001 Communicating Doors Alan Ayckbourn David Walch
2001 Shadowlands William Nicholson Graham Corry
2001 Beauty And the Beast Leiz Moore Leiz Moore
2002 Quartet Ronald Harwood Daryl Peebles
2002 Brilliant Lies David Williamson Patricia Kempa
2002 An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde Allan Jeffery and Leiz Moore
2002 A Season of One-Act Plays
Visitor From Forest Hills Neil Simon Aldo Fabian
Doubles Michall Frayn Peter Orpin
The Perfect Marrage Ian Austin Roger Chevalier
2002 Arsenic and Old Lace Joseph Kesselring Paul McIntire
2002 Aladdin Chelle Burtt Chelle Burtt
2003 Secret Bridesmaids Business Elizabeth Coleman Daryl Peebles
2003 La Cage Aux Folles Harvey Fierstein and Jerry Herman Allan Jeffery and Leiz Moore
2003 The Winters Tale William Shakespeare Robert Jarman
2003 Time Of My Life Alan Ayckbourn Ann Lennon-George
2003 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw Roger Chevalier
2003 Rockin’ Robin Hood Ian Williams Ian Williams
2004 The Woman In Black Stephen Mallatratt Graeme Corry
2004 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead Tom Stoppard Petr Divs
2004 Rumours Neil Simon Aldo Fabian
2004 Falling From Grace Hannie Rayson Patricia Kempa
2004 Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn Peter McIntosh
2004 Peggy the Peewee Pirate Chelle Burtt Chelle Burtt
2005 I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Joe DiPietro & Jimmy Roberts Allan Jeffrey
2005 Morning’s at Seven (Rehearsed Reading) Paul Osborn Graham Corry
2005 Sweet Panic (Rehearsed Reading) Stephen Poliakoff Graham Corry
2005 Away Michael Gow Chris Hamley
2005 Macbeth William Shakespeare Robert Jarman
2005 A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare Robert Jarman
2005 Deadly Nightcap Francis Durbridge Ann Lennon-George
2005 “The Real Inspector Hound” And “Black Comedy” Tom Stoppard (Real I H) Peter Shaffer (Black Com.) Graham Corry
2005 “Beauty Is A Beast” (Panto) Chelle Burt Chelle Burt
2006 The Venetian Twins Nick Enright and Terence Clarke Darren Sangwell
2006 Soul Mates (Rehearsed Reading) David Williamson Meredith McQueen
2006 The Lion In Winter James Goldman Graham Corry
2006 The Memory of Water (Rehearsed Reading) Shelagh Stephenson Aniela Grun
2006 And Then There Were None Agatha Christie Petr Divis
2006 Pride And Prejudice Jane Austen Ingrid Ganley
2006 Hobson’s Choice (Rehearsed Reading) Graham Corry
2006 Peter Pan J M Barrie Allan Jeffrey
2006 Outside Edge Richard Harris Peter McIntosh
2006 Navigating (Rehearsed Reading) Graham Corry
2006 Panto (Puss in Boots) Ian Williams Ian Williams
2007 I Hate Hamlet Paul Rudnick Andrew CAsey
2007 Meet The Candidates Tim Bosanquet Leonie Fletcher-Adams
2007 A Slice Of Saturday Night The Heather Brothers Alan Jeffery
2007 The Rise and Fall of Little Voice Jim Cartwright David Walch
2007 One Act Play Festival
2007 Steel Magnolias Robert Harling Chelle Burtt
2007 The Wind in the Willows Alan Bennett Leiz Moore
2007 Wait Until Dark Frederick Knott Roger Chevalier
2007 Pantomime (Rumpelstiltskin) Catrina Boon
2008 Present Laughter Noel Coward Paul McIntyre
2008 Stepping Out Richard Harris Allan Jeffrey
2008 An Inspector Calls J.B. Priestly Patricia Kempa
2008 One Act Play Festival
2008 Spider’s Web Agatha Christie Ann Lennon-George
2008 Sylvia A. R. Gurney Aniela Grun
2008 Pantomime Chelle Burtt Chelle Burtt
2009 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Music and Lyrics by William Finn Darren Sangwell
2009 A Woman of no Importance Oscar Wilde Ann Lennon-George
2009 I Want to be in a Jane Austen Novel Joanna Butler Ingrid Ganley
2009 One Act Play Festival (oneFest)
2009 Barbeque Daryl Peebles Daryl Peebles
2009 The Accused Jeffrey Archer Peter McIntosh
2009 Something Fishy – Pantomime Jenni Pyefinch & Helen Cronin Helen Cronin
2010 Dracula Hamilton Deane & John L Balderston (from the novel by Bram Stoker) Robert Jarman
2010 Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” Music by Barry Manilow, Lyrics by Brue Sussman & Jack Feldman. Book by Barry Manilow, Jack Feldman & Bruce Sussman. Patricia Kempa
2010 Black Coffee Agatha Christie Ingrid Ganley
2010 One Act Play Festival (oneFest)
2010 Rough Crossing Tom Stoppard Tony Nicholls
2010 A Chorus of Disapproval Alan Ayckbourn Ann Lennon-George
2010 Pantomime
2011 8 Women
2011 The Seagull Anton Chekov
2011 Whodunnit
2011 Noises Off
2011 Richard III William Shakespeare Andrew Casey
2011 Pantomime
2012 The Flint Street Nativity Petr Divis
2012 Cabaret
2012 The Mousetrap Agatha Christie
2012 Waiting in the Wings
2012 Soulmates
2012 Pantomime
2013 Fiddler on The Roof Don Gay
Musical director: Amanda Harper
2013 Peter Pan J.M. Barrie Danni Ashton
2013 Private Lives Noel Coward Patricia Kempa
2013 Taming of the Shrew William Shakespeare Julie Waddington
2013 The Hollow Agatha Christie Roger Chevalier
2013 Pantomime
2014 Blitz! a Sentimental Journey Presented in conjunction with Tasmania Performs
2014 Lady Windermere’s Fan
2014 The Talented Mr. Ripley Danni Ashton
2014 Journey’s End Robert Jarman
2014 In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) Stephen Jones
2014 Pantomime
2015 Summer of the Aliens Louis Nowra Mark Morgan
2015 A Murder is Announced Agatha Christie Don Gay
2015 Jane Eyre Ingrid Ganley
2015 On Our Selection Adapted by Rod Anderson from the play by Bert Bailey Rod Anderson
2015 Forbidden Broadway Gerarg Alessandrini Cassie Xintavelonis
2015 Pantomime
2016 The Elephant Man Bernard Pomerance Petr Divis
2016 Habeas Corpus Alan Bennett Scott Hunt
2016 Macbeth William Shakespeare Chris Hamley
2016 Something’s Afoot Book, Music and Lyrics by David Vos, James McDonald and Robert Gerlach, Robert Manion and Leah Venettacci
with additional music by Ed Linderman
2016 Up for Grabs David Williamson Nick Lahey
2016 Pantomime
2017 Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Scott Hunt
Adapted by Steven Canny and John Nicholson
2017 After Dinner Andrew Bovell Petr Divis
2017 God of Carnage Yasmina Reza Ellen Roe
2017 Educating Rita Willy Russell Danni Ashton
2017 Playing the Palace June Walker Rogers Mark Morgan
2017 Pantomime